A Deer Management Group - North Lanarkshire Deer Management Group



HUNTER BOOT CO.:- have chosen North Lanarkshire DMG to field test their Balmoral wellington boots.

On first inspection they look to be very well made with a good gripping sole along with good ankle support.

Two of our field operatives will test the boots and will feed back regularly on their performance.

Many thanks to Steve at Hunter for choosing NLDMG. www.hunter-boot.com


 SEALSKIN  CLOTHING :- Have chosen North Lanarkshire DMG to field test their gloves during the course of the winter.

As they are tested through the rigours of the winter months we will provide feedback on how they perform.

Many thanks to Colin Fletcher at Sealskin for selecting NLDMG. www.SEALSKINZ.COM


WHITBY & CO:- Have have asked North Lanarkshire DMG to field test their Buck packlight skinner Knife and give feedback as to how it performs.

We have assigned one of our field operatives the task and will relay his views accordingly.

Many thanks to Ross Neilson of Whitby and Co for selecting NLDMG to carry out this assignement. www.whitbyandco.co.uk


RUAG AMMOTEC(uk) Ltd:- Suggested that NLDMG should test the Lightforce small LED torch as part of their field operatives kit.

Two operatives have been given these small torches to be kept in their deer sacks. Early reports are that they are a very useful part of the kit.

Many thanks Phil and Deena at Raug Ammotec Ltd for selecting NLDMG to test this piece of equipment. www.ruag.co.uk


 J ROTHERAY:- Have requested that we field test the ledlenser p7 scope light kit. We passed the kit on to two of our operatives who tested it individually in a variety of circumstances, both reported they were very impressed with its performance further tests are being carried out.

many thanks to Rose at J ROTHERSAY for choosing NLDMG to carry out the tests. www.bisley-uk.com


GMK :- Have given NLDMG the outers STEADY- POD for field testing. It has been delegated to one of our field operatives to use and give feedback as to how it performs. www.gmk-online.co.uk


CASSTROM :-  Have approached NLDMG to field test the
EKA SWEDEN swing blade sheath knife. First impression of this essential piece of equipment is it appears very well manufactured, cleverly designed with practicality and hygiene in mind. It has been passed on to one of our field operatives who will supply feedback as to how it performs.

Many thanks to CASSTROM for selecting NLDMG to carry out this assessment www.casstrom.co.uk